Help Shape Your Environment with Urban Mind

Help shape your environment With urban mind

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Become a citizen scientist with urban mind

Urban Mind, Canal & River Trust and King’s College London have teamed up with Making Changes NE to collect research about how the environment affects our well being.

We’re looking for citizen scientists to take part in a global study with help and Support from Making Changes NE. The results will be used to help us plan and design healthier towns and cities. 

We want to know if spending time in nature or more urban cities has an impact on your well being. 

The environment in which we live is getting more urbanised with each passing day. This means access with nature is becoming scarce. It is more important than ever to find out how this is affecting us and what we can do to help improve this. 

We are now recruiting citizen scientists to take part in this study, capturing real information from people this change will impact. 

Citizen scientists will download an app and fill out three short questionnaires a day. This will take no longer than a minute over a two week period. 

For more information and to take part please email 

Deadline to take part is the 17th May, in order to collect all the data needed by the 01st June. 

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