Myself and Sarah were discussing the struggles within the community and the financial burden and stress people were feeling. We wanted to give people a chance to be able to stop, breathe and eat. Children can play with each other, whilst the adults manage to stop, relax and eat! This is how the idea of a Community Feast was born.

I understand the importance of community, which if you’ve read my blog, you will know why I am desperate to help improve the chances for children to not go down a path of crime, or for a woman to not have to feel trapped and alone in an abusive relationship. The importance of community and friendship can be the difference between another suicide and hope. Myself and Sarah (read her blog here) wanted to create a space where everyone could leave their bags at the door and just connect. 

Bringing the Community Feast together

We chose Highfield House Community Centre to host our Community Feast, as it had the perfect setup to foster the environment we wanted to create. We had £0 budget for this, and it would not have been able to go ahead if not for Co- Op and Gibside Community Food , who donated most of what was needed. 

While the dishes were undoubtedly delicious, the true essence of the evening was the community spirit that permeated every moment. We came together, shared stories, and created memories and bonds that will last a lifetime. One of my most cherished memories from the night was when all the children chanting “Bangers and Mash,” which you can see here. It was a testament to the joy and camaraderie that filled the air.

The feedback:

  • The soup went down amazing, children who usually don’t like potatoes even enjoyed it
  • Clear bowls all round
  • Children played and coloured freely and lovely the whole time with each other.
  • Highfield house staff enjoyed their meal so much that they offered to allow us to use their centre, free of charge again, if we can “pay them in food” next time. 

As we reflect on this beautiful day, let’s carry the spirit of community, generosity, and togetherness forward. Our bonds are stronger, our memories richer, and our community is brighter because of each and every one of you.

We hope to be able to put on a Community Feast monthly, and if you would like to help support us, you can do so by:

If you are interested in finding out more, you can contact us here.

Thank you to everyone who joined, the volunteers who poured their hearts into making this event possible, and the incredible staff at Making Changes NE.

And if you couldn’t make it, no worries! Check out our TikTok video of the night to see us in action. 

Together, we’re creating something extraordinary! 

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