Lighting Up Valley View for the Holidays!

Spreading Festive Cheer: Lighting Up Valley View!

A few days ago, Sarah, Kathleen, and Joe worked tirelessly to illuminate the trees and light up Valley View, transforming the neighborhood of Highfield into a magical winter wonderland. The lights flicker to life at 4 pm every day and gracefully dim at 10 pm, creating a dazzling display that extends from the front of the estate on Valley View, winding its way up and around East View.

But that’s not all—we didn’t stop there! We’ve adorned the barriers of the Christmas tree and railings next to the traffic lights with festive tinsel, adding an extra touch of holiday spirit to the scenery.

Walk with us through the enchanting display!

Now, we’re gearing up for the next phase of project Light Up Valley View. Our goal is to extend the magic to even more areas, and we need your help!

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • Highfield Club’s Festive Facade: We’re planning to tinsel the rail outside Highfield Club.
  • Planter Barrel Christmas Centerpieces: Our next project involves creating Christmas centerpieces for the planter barrels at the top of Valley View. Picture a stunning display that welcomes everyone into our festive community.
  • Lighting Up Pipe Bridge Estate Green: We have a vision to light up the trees on Pipe Bridge Estate Green, but we need your support! We’re currently seeking donations for battery-powered lights along with the necessary timers and batteries.
  • Community Support: We’re also reaching out for specific donations, including sand-colored wood paint for an exciting project, various craft supplies, and unwanted food items for the Highfield/St Josephs food share/swap initiative.

How You Can Contribute:

Spread the Word:

  • Share this post and our video to spread the festive cheer!
  • Take photos around any of the decorations and share!
  • Use the following hashtags: #MCNE #ValleyViewLightsUp 


A massive thank you to everyone involved in this community effort. Your dedication and support make our festive dreams come true!

Let’s make this holiday season truly magical for everyone in our community. Together, we can light up the season and create lasting memories for years to come. Happy holidays!

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