Family Halloween Crafts


Family Halloween Crafts


Crafty Delights Await at Highfield House on PipeBridge Estate! Get ready for a day of creative fun and community togetherness on Wednesday the 1st. We can’t wait to get messy and make magical sun/wind catchers and Halloween decorations with you in this Family Halloween crafts session!

Sun/Wind Catchers: Bringing Beauty and Harmony

What are Sun/Wind Catchers?

Sun and wind catchers are not just any craft; they’re mesmerizing and mindful ornaments that add magic to any space. These dazzling creations are best placed where they can catch the sunlight and scatter it around, creating dancing rainbows in your home.

More than Visual Appeal

But sun catchers are more than just visually stunning. In some traditions, they’re considered powerful energetic tools for spiritual rituals and Feng Shui. When made with precious stones, they’re believed to transmute energy, cleansing and balancing the room.

Our Craft Session

During our crafting day, we’ll be creating these sun/wind catchers with a special intention – to bring joy and love to the garden at Highfield House. Crafted with care by members of the local community, they’ll be proudly displayed in the garden, spreading love and prosperity to all who visit. It’s the start of a magical journey in the garden, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Halloween Craft: Spooky Fun for Everyone

As we gear up for the Halloween season, we’ll also be getting crafty with Halloween decorations. These spooky and fun creations will help set the mood for visitors attending Highfield House during this festive time. And guess what? You’re welcome to make some decorations to take home as well!

A Community Gathering

At the heart of our crafting sessions is the joy of bringing the community together. It’s not just about crafting; it’s about enjoying some quality social and creative time with your neighbors. We can’t wait to see the incredible decorations that emerge from this creative session.

Save the Date!

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, the 1st, and join us at Highfield House for a day of crafting, creativity, and community. Let’s come together to create something beautiful, whether it’s a dazzling sun/wind catcher or a spooky Halloween decoration. We can’t wait to see you there!

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